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Thermal transfer labels Thermal transfer labels

Self adhesive paper thermal transfer labels are a combination of supporting layer, adhesive layer and face material, made from various kinds of papers – uncoated, coated, or with additional coating, depending on the designation and the label print technology. One of the technologies for printing self adhesive labels is the thermal transfer printing, which creates an image by melting solid ink, coated on a foil ribbon and transferring it onto a receiving material. The receiving material can be uncoated paper, coated paper, or foil. Though almost self adhesive labels can be printed by thermal transfer method, the best results are achieved with the use of carefully selected materials. Depending on the type of print and the quality level that customers require, a suitable ribbon must be used in combination with an appropriate and correctly set printer.  All products have a guarantee for quality thermal transfer print, but good image can be obtained with selected thermal transfer ribbon.


Vellum (0)

Label face material is white, calendered, wood free paper without additional coating.  It gives good print resistance and is suitable for flexo and thermal transfer print with satisfactory quality.
Printable at 240 mm/sec with a resolution 8-12 dots/mm
This paper can be used with wax and wax-resin ribbons, depending on the required scratch and heat resistance.
Self adhesive labels, produced from Vellum, are suitable for commercial and general application, where printing various information through thermal transfer method is required. 
Self adhesive labels Vellum are used in transport and logistics, production plants, for price labels, etc.

Semi gloss (0)

Label face material is white, semi-gloss, coated on-machine, wood free paper.  It’s a universal paper for high-quality multi color labels that require high print resolution and fine details. Its smear resistance is not very good.
Semi Gloss labels can be printed with wax and wax-resin ribbons at 240 mm/sec and resolution 8-12 dots/mm.

Typical end-uses are food industry and product information labeling where gloss is required. It is used in transport, logistics, for advertising labels and rating plates. It is suitable for multicolour print that requires high contrast.

Transfer (0)

Label face material is white, smooth, matt, coated on-machine, for receiving excellent result with thermal transfer print.
The paper is double coated on one side, wood free. This face material is specially designed for thermal transfer printing applications that require the highest character definition and extraordinary good bar code resolution.  It gives excellent resistance and image contrast.
Self adhesive labels, produced from Transfer, accept the main types of press print, including water-based flexography.
Transfer labels can be printed with wax and wax-resin ribbons, at 350 mm/sec and resolution 12-24 dots/mm.

Typical end-uses are food industry and product information labeling, transport and logistics, electronics, etc.
The paper is ideal for  pre-printed advertising labels and rating plates, that will be overprinted with thermal transfer printer.




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