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The Dino-Lite is a compact digital microscope with a lot of new possibilities compared to the traditional microscope. The Dino-Lite can be connected to a computer and allows you to record moving and still images as well as time lapse recording. These can be shared directly over the internet (webcam technology).

• Industrial inspection: quality control, assembly, repair
• Life sciences : ear, eye, nail, skin/scalp photography and analysis
• Printing and textiles: quality control, measurements
• Educational: science lab, presentation, training, insect & plant study
• Personal: hobbies, collection documentation, paintings, antiques
• Professional: law enforcement, conference aid, counterfeit detection
Dino-Lite comes in different versions, developed for specific applications. Depending to the version, magnification ranges from ~10 to 200 to 500x. LED lights are built in in white, polarized, ultraviolet, infrared or a switchable combination. Most versions have calibration and measuring options. Its housing is either composite or aluminum alloy.


Medical microscopes Dino-Lite (10)

The healthcare models have the features of the general Dino-Lite models like the built-in LED lights and the possibility to store images and video on the computer, but also the specially designed caps for each application and the availability of a polarization filter on some models. All Dino-Lite’s receive power through the USB port which makes them independent of batteries. All models in this product range are certified according to the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC modified 2007/47/EC.

Universal digital microscopes (10)

The Dino-Lite Universal series provides a broad range of products with the highest image quality, as well as very user-friendly software with comprehensive measurement functions, and several unique hard and software features to satisfy the most demanding user.

This range consists of Dino-Lite models with a USB connection with a magnification of up to 200 times and an image resolution of 1.3 megapixel or 5 megapixel. For working with reflective objects you can choose the models with the built-in polarization filter with adaptable polarization. For the best look and feel and enhanced durability we offer models in robust aluminum alloy housing.

The Dino-Lite Edge series is a special category within the Universal range, the Edge series provide an even better image quality and greater flexibility. The high-quality optics provide a very sharp, bright and natural color image with very low aberration and vignetting. The exchangeable caps provide for even more flexibility for use in all kinds of professional applications.

If you are looking for Dino-Lite products with long working distance, special lighting such as UV or IR or models with a high magnification until 900 times please check one of the other categories.

Long working distance microscopes (12)

For tasks where extra distance to the object and a larger field of view is required Dino-Lite offers a series of Long Working Distance microscopes. The extra working distance and larger field of view make this series an ideal solution for tasks such as repair, rework or assembly or for working with bulky objects or fragile objects that cannot be touched.
Microscopes in this range offer an image resolution of 1.3 megapixel or 5 megapixel, a USB connection and include the user-friendly DinoCapture software. Models with built-in polarizer to reduce reflection or models with an extra robust metal housing are also available. The maximum magnification reaches 140 times which is usually more than enough for this kind of applications.

Specifically designed with the needs of the electronics industry in mind Dino-Lite even offers several Electrostatic Discharge Safe models with Long Working Distance (ESD) and a larger Field Of View.

One of the most versatile and technologically advanced models within this series is the Dino-Lite AM4115ZTL, which features a magnification from 10x to 140x with a large field of view and a working distance of up to 23 cm making it a unique product way ahead of the market.

High magnification microscopes (7)

Dino-Lite models within the High Magnification series exceed a magnification of 200 times and offer magnifications of 400x, 500x or even a dazzling 900 times. Microscopes in this range offer an image resolution of 1.3 megapixel or 5 megapixel, a USB connection and include the user-friendly DinoCapture software. Models with built-in polarizer to reduce reflection or models with an extra robust metal housing are also available.

One of the top models is the Dino-Lite AM4515T8 model. With up to 900x magnification and high-resolution optics it reveals details as small as 1.5 micrometer (µm). It also features a greater working distance at high magnification making it easier to watch and move very small objects under the microscope.

These unique features make the Dino-Lite High Magnification models great inspection tools for biomedical and scientific research, material analysis, electronics inspection, or any similar application that requires high magnification, versatility and mobility.

Basic microscopes (2)

For general purpose applications, where high image resolution and advanced hardware and software features are not strictly necessary, the Dino-Lite basic series is a good choice. These Dino-Lite models are affordable and an easy-to-use, but still have the same durability and quality as the more advanced Dino-Lite product series.
A basic version of the proprietary DinoCapture software is included with each Dino-Lite. The magnification of the microscopes goes from 10 to 70x and around 200x.
Economic and easy-to-use solution, mainly for home use and light professional applications.

Еyepieces (3)

With the DinoEye eyepiece cameras you can turn your conventional microscope into a digital microscope. You can easily replace the ocular (eyepiece) of your non-digital microscope with the DinoEye eyepiece and connect it via USB to your computer. The DinoEye TV models can be connected straight into your TV using a TV connection. With the included proprietary DinoCapture software you have a professional software environment for image or video processing, including calibrated measurement features (USB models only).


Dino-Lite accessories (6)

A sturdy and reliable stand solution is a must-have for your high precision Dino-Lite digital microscope. A broad range of stands, caps, microscope tables and other accessories is offered. From affordable basic stands to a square metal base column stand. Or from an advanced XY table to a USB powered backlight. All original Dino-Lite accessories are made at the same high quality design and construction level.

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