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Dilcom Bulgaria Ltd. offers label barcode printers for each business and print volume, for each application and budget:  

-    Desktop label barcode printers – economical choice when printing small volumes of labels;
-    Industrial barcode printers – suitable for high volume of labels and demanding print applications;
-    Mobile printers – ideal for printing receipts, documents and labels on the go.
-    Ticket printers – designed for printing of high quality tickets for sport, cultural and entertainment events. 

Dilcom Bulgaria Ltd. is an official representative for Bulgaria of world-famous manufacturers of label barcode printers: CITIZEN, TSC, GODEX и PRIMERA


Label barcode printers CITIZEN (16)

- Two methods of printing – Direct thermal and Thermal transfer
- A thermal head built in a metal construction - guarantees strength and long life
- Adjustable sensor – gives opportunity for printing over labels with different shapes and sizes.
- Low price of the thermal head in comparison with the competitive brands - low maintenance costs
- ARCP system - keeps the ribbon tensioned during printing, ensuring constantly high print quality
- The printer’s cover is opened vertically, ensuring easy access and saving space
- The printer prints with two ribbon types - IN and ОUT 
- Supports ZPL and DMX language simultaneously



Label barcode printers TSC (22)


SC offers a wide range of high quality desktop, industrial and portable printers that meet the specific needs of clients at very competitive prices. TSC printers brand are available with direct thermal configuration or in a combination of thermal transfer and direct thermal.

Label barcode printers GODEX (20)

Thermal transfer and direct thermal printers Godex are a perfect solution for printing informational labels that can contain bar codes, text and graphics. Design and printing of labels are easy, using the free Qlabel Godex software. Godex printers can be used to print labels for all levels throughout the supply chain, warehouse, asset tracking, ticket printing, kiosk machines and others. These printers are ccharacterized by high quality and a wide range of various types of printers.

Label Barcode Printers SATO (3)

SATO offers a wide range of label barcode printers. Industrial barcode printers are an excellent assistant in heavy industries. They provide the best quality of printing barcodes, texts and RFID label coding.
Desktop printers are compact, cost-effective and easy to use and provide the flexibility needed in the logistics sphere. Another part of SATO product diversity are RFID solutions and special printers designed for e-commerce applications.


Label barcode printers TOSHIBA (6)

Toshiba offers a wide range of products and services including industrial, desktop and mobile printers with "ribbon save" technology, that limits the use of the thermal transfer ribbon thus reducing the cost of consumables.

One of the main advantages of the Toshiba product list are "print and apply" systems they offer, as well as single tag printers for printing tags widely used in the textile industry.

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